Trans-Atlantic Virtual Exchange and Collaboration

The TAVEC project brings international students together in a collaborative and fully virtual co-teaching format to develop future concepts and solutions.


The Mission

The global pandemic, the resulting economic impacts, and social and cultural changes, have fundamentally altered the traditional landscape of the transatlantic relationship in the business and relatedly in the higher education sphere. Through our partnership, both Hochschule Fresenius and Adelphi University aim to bring an integrated and interoperable digital collaboration into our university’s courses and establish formats enabling the exchange to be embedded in the syllabus.


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TAVEC Collaborative Programs

Students from Hochschule Fresenius and Adelphi University develop their intercultural, communication and digital competencies by coming together for a virtual academic collaboration embedded across four different courses in the faculty of business at both universities. These are specific areas of increased significance in an increasingly global and digital working environment.

Cross-university student teams will examine various aspects of the issue of diversity management in both Germany and the US, as well as the global context, allowing students the opportunity to explore areas of congruence and discrepancy.


Students collaborate in project teams and prepare for trans-atlantic job applications. They focus on gathering more information about their preferred career field and examine cultural and legal differences in HR in Germany and the US.


How should international companies navigate the challenge of different cultural environments? Project teams will answer this research question by examining the world of business culture and values as well as the impact of societal values on business.


Startup Ecosystems are a global trend, but they differ in international comparison. Student groups will examine these different German and US perspectives on entrepreneurship and analyze the importance and role of leadership personalities in start-ups.


What Drives Us

Our faculty works together to co-teach in four selected modules and brings students together on a shared collaborative platform, cutting across projects and cross-university teams.


International students involved across both involved universities


Cross-university student groups and individual group projects involved


Teaching hours in all 8 courses across both involved universities

Virtual Collaboration Learning Cooperation Exchange Experience Friendship Progress

Hochschule Fresenius‘ International Business School and Adelphi University’s Robert B. Willumstad School of Business were proud to present the collaboration results live in our first Trans-Atlantic Student Conference on March, 24th 2021.

Cross-University Collaboration

Conference participants will include students, faculty, experts from the field and business leaders from both universities‘ extensive networks.

Remote Learning and Exchange

The virtual conference will be a product of student intellectual creativity making it a student centric and student led space.

Virtual Conference and Presentation

Students will present their cross-university team projects of the collaboration to an external judging panel of industry experts.

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What Are The Study Abroad Models of the Future?

Whitepaper with pointers on flexible, sustainable and inclusive programming

The paper examines various study abroad models in existence, with a focus on transatlantic collaboration while also providing a critical analysis for opportunities and future trends. The purpose of the white paper is to review the current state of the transatlantic exchange between North American and German universities and to critically examine, analyze and outline the broad strokes of what a potential future vision of this relationship could be.

  • The grant allows us to run this as a pilot, to measure the outcomes and use it as a baseline. In their professions, students will work with people from different parts of the world and different experiences. Learning early on about the power of collaborative, global problem-solving is invaluable.

    Dr. Susan Briziarelli
  • The TAVEC project is not only highly relevant in today's climate, but it is also in line with both our institution‘s strategy for internationalization. This project aims to promote transatlantic cooperation – at the level of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as at the level of the faculty and staff. We are confident that this multilateral collaboration will create a collaborative experience for a progressive transformation on both sides of the Atlantic, with the support of innovative digital technologies!

    Prof. Dr. Tobias Engelsleben
  • These participatory, cross-university projects provide a valuable opportunity to broaden students‘ horizons by sharing different perspectives. We are pleased that we will implement this project together with Adelphi University.

    Priya S. Nayar
  • It is very remarkable that we are one of only two private universities in Germany to receive DAAD funding for a project like TAVEC. We are very proud of this. Over the past years, Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences has built a culture of internationalization. The TAVEC project is a further milestone in this internationalization strategy.

    Prof. Dr. Barbara Lier

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