Bachelor Programs

Students from undergraduate programs of both institutions‘ business schools work together in courses of Human Resource Management and Business Communications.

Human Resource Management

Cross-university student teams will examine various aspects of the issue of diversity management in both Germany and the US, as well as the global context, allowing students the opportunity to explore areas of congruence and discrepancy.


Business Communications

Students collaborate in project teams and prepare for trans-atlantic job applications. They focus on gathering more information about their preferred career field and examine cultural and legal differences in HR in Germany and the US.


Master Programs

Graduate students with various backgrounds and majors research together in courses of Business Ethics and Entrepreneurship.

Business Ethics

How should international companies navigate the challenge of different cultural environments? Project teams will answer this research question by examining the world of business culture and values as well as the impact of societal values on business.



Startup Ecosystems are a global trend, but they differ in international comparison. Student groups will examine these different German and US perspectives on entrepreneurship and analyze the importance and role of leadership personalities in start-ups.


What Our Students Say

The TAVEC Project is a wonderful way to collaborate with students around the world, while gaining insight and knowledge about the ever-evolving world of business and working towards a goal together.

Danielle Khoury, Adelphi University, Management Theory/Organizational Behaviour

Before we met each other, I was a bit skeptical because I didn’t know who these students were, will they be willing to contribute to the project? Are they interested? Looking back, to be honest, everything has worked more than well and the whole process has been really effective.

Grisilda Miftari, Hochschule Fresenius, Master Digital Management, Business Ethics

The TAVEC Project enriched my class and project experience by allowing me to work with students from another country and culture. It helped me better understand how culture influences business organizations, and I learned so much about German culture in addition to making new friends.

Alexandra Lombino, Adelphi University, Management Theory/Organizational Behaviour