New York x Cologne meets Fashion Marketing! – The first TAVEC Conference

During our first meetings in business communication, groups were formed based of interests in different categories. My team consisting of Tanya Sarin, Abicantya Sophie, Sofia Pinzon and myself, Jana Braun, quickly found that we are all drawn to topics concerning fashion, which lead to our final presentation. Even though in the beginning, the whole project appeared to be a bit chaotic and difficult to manage, after the first “rough wave”, we were able to produce an amazing website that is perfect for anyone with an interest in fashion marketing and seeking advice for starting their career in this business.

In order to understand how to make promotions, sales and intrigue customers, this website can help fashion seekers obtain the right advice and tips from fashion marketing professionals. Our group decided to gain expert advice from popular retail companies in Europe and America. In our interviews, we sought help from professionals working in the marketing department of Peek & Cloppenburg in Cologne and Saks Fifth Avenue in New York.

Afterall, we, as a team, invested a lot of time into this project and held many meetings to complete it, which I think paid off when we were presenting in the final TAVEC conference. We were all very excited and nervous to finally present our website that we were working so hard on. In the end, our hard work was honored and we were so happy that we won the conference for our amazing teamwork in the category collaboration. My teammates and I cannot wait to finally see ourselves in person!

Finally, I must say that I am very glad to be part of TAVEC and think that one of the key takeaways was working internationally with very diverse personalities and creating one final project out of many thoughtful ideas together. I was very pleased with the team spirit of my group and can say that the experience overall was well worth it. I am looking forward to being part of future collaborative projects!

LudwigNew York x Cologne meets Fashion Marketing! – The first TAVEC Conference